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Enhance YOU!

Brookridge EyeCare is happy to introduce the New Acuvue 1-Day Define Contact Lenses. Enhance your natural eye color with one of the three defining lenses. Depending on your eye color, choose from sparkle for light eyes, shimmer for hazel of light brown eyes, or shine for dark eyes to enhance a bolder you.
acuvue define 1
Your unique look with NATURAL SPARKLE™
On light eyes:
Brightening effect with highlights and contrast.
On medium eyes:
Soft highlights for added dimension.
On dark eyes:
Light contrast for subtle brightening.
acuvue define sparkle
Your unique look with NATURAL SHIMMER™
On light eyes:
High-impact sharpness and highlights.
On medium eyes:
A balance of highlights and sharpness create a look with depth.
On dark eyes:
Subtle highlights and contrast.
acuvue define shimmer
Your unique look with NATURAL SHINE™
On light eyes:
A bold look with impactful contrast and enlargement.
On medium eyes:
High-contrast with added depth.
On dark eyes:
Dimensional effect with enlargement and contrast.
acuvue define shine