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Save on your lenses today!

Choosing the lenses that are best for you is not always the easiest decision but still a very important one. Allow yourself the opportunity to see clearly and to see more with Crizal, Varilux, Transitions, and Xperio UV lenses. Experience optimal vision and save up to $90.00 with a mail in rebate.But what does each of these lenses mean for you...Here's a quick word on each of the lenses that may be right for you

How do Crizal No-Glare lenses provide the clearest vision possible?
Built to last. Our rigorous process including industry-leading and patented technologies ensures that Crizal lenses provide superior protection and durability.
Designed for excellence. Your lenses are engineered to provide excellent clarity of vision, keeping them clean, clear, and protected for years to come.
Quality counts. Our labs use extensive tests to ensure your lenses meet the highest standards of testing. So you can be confident in the high quality of your lenses. 
Are Varilux®progressive lenses right for you?
 Frustrated with bifocals? The abrupt change between near and far viewing areas, plus blurry mid-distance vision, can be frustrating. Varilux lenses provide sharp vision and smooth transitions.
Wearing single vision glasses yet still struggling? Prescriptions that are too strong or too weak can cause headaches, fatigue and more. Varilux lenses can offer complete personalization.
 Disappointed with your current progressive lenses? Ordinary progressive lenses offer more advantages than bifocals, but only Varilux lenses offer advanced technology to better restore your natural vision.
Are Transitions® lenses right for me?
They're versatile. Transitions lenses are designed to be worn all day long, outdoors and indoors. And you can get them in virtually every frame, style, size and prescription. They're even great for children.
They're good for you. They don't just make everything look great, they also reduce eye fatigue and strain. And even block 100% of UVA/UVB light.
They're smart. Transitions lenses change effortlessly, but the technology behind them is anything but simple. A complex formula of photochromic molecules make light, dark and every shade in between possible.
How do Xperio UV lenses work?
Ultimate Protection on both sides of the lenses.
Water-repellent layer. Tightly packed fluorinated molecules coat the lens, repelling smudges, oil, and water.
Scratch Resistant Layer. A tough scratch resistant coating is applied to both sides of the lens, reducing damage to the surface of the lens.
 Polarized Film. This film blocks dangerous glare and protects from harmful UV rays all while delivering sharper colors.
 Come in today to see which lenses are the best fit for your eyes. Don't forget to mention the mail in rebate on your next purchase of frame and lenses at Brookridge EyeCare and save up to $90.00. We look forward to seeing you soon!